• We've curated a collection of bases in fibers that we love working with ourselves - including both superwash (SW) and non-superwash (NSW) yarns! If you have any questions about our bases, feel free to reach out so we can help you pick a base (or combination of bases) that will allow your project to shine!

Serious Suri Silk

Lace weight - 328 yds per 50 g: 74% Baby Suri Alpaca/26% Silk

This yarn is luxuriously soft, with a beautiful fluffy halo. It may be used in delicate lightweight garments or accessories (holding the yarn alone or with another strand of yarn). We recommend holding this yarn with Wicked Merino to give a DK weight gauge, giving you the opportunity to mix colors in interesting new ways!

Wicked Merino

Fingering weight (2-ply) - 400 yds per 100 g: 80% SW Merino/20% Nylon

This is a great all-purpose yarn, the merino gives the fabric an amazingly soft texture and drape, while the nylon provides some stability to make fabrics more sturdy. This yarn works up well in garments, accessories, and socks. This yarn will give a fabric that is lightweight and airy.

Wrongful Natural Merino

Fingering weight (2-ply) - 436 yds per 100 g: 100% NSW Merino

This is a non-superwash (NSW) yarn, which will dye up a little more muted than our SW bases (similar to our other NSW base, Methodical Worsed). This yarn makes a soft and lightweight fabric, it's squishy and warm, and perfect for garments and accessories!

Manic Tweed

Fingering weight (2-ply) - 438 yds per 100 g: 85% SW Merino/5% Donegal Nep

The tweedy neps in this base give it such definition - even simple stockinette stitch shines in this yarn. This is a 2-ply yarn, and it's soft yet durable enough to work in garments, accessories, or even lightly worn socks. The neps have a subtle texture, that would bring interesting depth to cablework.

Hysterical Sport

Sport weight (3-ply) - 328yds per 100 g: 100% SW Merino

Our sport weight yarn is a great intermediate weight yarn! Its 3 plies make it very evenly round, giving it a great stitch definition. Being 100% superwash merino, it makes a very soft fabric that would work beautifully in garments and accessories.

Charming DK

Light DK/Heavy Sport weight (8-ply) - 274 yds per 100 g: 100% SW Merino

This is a super squishy superwash yarn - it's made up of four 2-ply strands, resulting in a very soft and airy 8-ply yarn. This yarn has great stitch definition because it is so round, resulting in very sharp lace, cables, and colorwork. It would be ideal for accessories and garments, however we do not recommend using this yarn for socks, as it has no added nylon.

Despicable Cashmere DK

DK weight (4-ply) - 231 yds per 100 g: 80% SW Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon

This yarn is such a treat - its 10% cashmere content gives it a very soft drape, while its nylon content gives it durability. This yarn would work up beautifully in garments, shawls, and hats! Because it's a 4-ply yarn, it has a nice roundness that also shows great stitch definition in cables and lacework.

Methodical Worsted

Worsted weight (4-ply) - 218 yds per 100g: 100% non-SW Merino

This is a non-superwash (NSW) yarn, meaning that the fibers in this yarn are in their "natural" state. Superwash yarns are chemically treated to remove the scales around the individual fibers, but this yarn has not received this treatment. NSW yarns tend to have more muted colors than SW, even when using the same color recipe. Additionally, NSW yarns are more susceptible to felting when agitated in hot water - so do NOT machine wash/dry items made from this yarn! We love the quirks of NSW yarns because they knit up into really gorgeous, squishy projects! They work well in sweaters, accessories, and socks.

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Retired Bases

Psycho Sock - Fingering weight (2-ply) - 400 yds per 100 g: 80% SW BFL/20% Nylon