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Happy Pride Month!

For this year's Pride Month, we've decided to offer four new colorways! 20% of all sales will be donated to The Trevor Project. These will be available all month long for pre-order!

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Introducing our 2024 yarn club:

Cryptids Club

What are cryptids?

Cryptids are mysterious animals whose existence is disputed - they are things of legend, they haven't been proven to exist but oftentimes there are dozens and dozens of individuals (if not more!) who have come forward claiming they've had a sighting! Some of the more famous cryptids are Sasquatch, Mothman, and the Lochness Monster.

How does the club work?

At the beginning of the year, we opened subscriptions (billed monthly) for anyone who wanted to commit to the entire year of the club at a slight discount, BUT we understand that mystery yarn clubs do not appeal to everyone, especially long term clubs!

Each month, we will reveal the cryptid of the month, and the moodboard we created for it with the palette of colors we were inspired to recreate. Listings for each month's cryptid will be live from the 1st of the month, and close on the 4th of the month. You can order as many or as few skeins as you'd like each month, on ANY base (or combination of bases!), and your yarn will ship by the 15th of that month.

We are creating these colorways in a way that they fade together, so from month to month the colorways will flow across a moody palette of colors in a beautiful fade!

When will I get my yarn?

Yarn will ship by the 15th of each month! So for instance, if you order March's cryptid on March 1st, we will ship your yarn by March 15th, and you should receive it well before the end of the month (and before the next month's cryptid listing goes live)!

Are these colors coming back?

Maybe! We'll have a little bit of overstock each month, which we're saving to release for a small in-stock update some time in 2024, BUT if the colorways are popular enough we may bring them back :)

Let us know if you'd like to see them return!

What cryptid colorways have you revealed so far?

January: Sasquatch

February: Jersey Devil

March: Wampus Cat

April: Jackalope

May: Snallygaster

June, and remaining months: TBA

Just the Neutrals

  • Scorched Earth

  • Sandstorm

  • Calm Before the Storm

  • Tornado Watch

  • The Other Side

This is a permanent collection of neutral tonals that will complement any colorway, on any base!

We will keep a small offering of these colorways on hand for quick shipping, but these colors will be dyed-to-order for larger quantities.

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  • Bases

    We selected our bases very carefully - they are each unique and knit up beautifully, but they will work best for different types of projects. We're so excited to introduce them to you!

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