Anti-"Fat Tax" Discount Information

What is the "Fat Tax"?

The "fat tax" is a colloquialism for the surcharge that plus-sized people encounter throughout their lives, such as having to purchase an additional airline ticket to fly, or paying more for the same item of clothing.

Why do you offer this discount?

The "fat tax" is found in the crafting community as well - as makers, we understand that it can require a petite individual as few as two skeins of yarn to make a sweater for themselves, while a plus-sized individual may require seven or eight skeins to make the same sweater following the exact same pattern. We support makers of all sizes, and to help offset the cost of the additional materials it takes for plus-sized individuals to make their own garments, we are choosing to offer a discount on the yarn purchased for plus-sized garments.

Who can use this discount?

This discount is intended to be used for the purchase of yarn that will be used to make plus-sized garments - it is NOT intended to be used by people simply looking for any discount they can find, or for yarn intended to be used for other items such as blankets or accessories.

We ask that our discount codes are only used in the spirit of its intention - to increase the inclusivity of the crafting community. Please use these codes with kindness, intention, and your best judgement!

Will you always offer this discount?

We intend to! We implemented these codes in April 2024, and as long as these codes are not abused, we will be able to offer them for many years to come!

Do I have to buy the same colorway/base for the discount to apply?

Nope! These codes will work for any combination of colorways/bases, as long as the minimum number of skeins is met - we understand that garment patterns often require multiple colorways or bases (for stripes, colorwork, or even different texture effects), so we designed our discount codes to apply across multiple colorways and bases in a single order!

What if I want to order yarn for other projects at the same time?

If you intend to use the anti-"fat tax" codes for yarn intended to make a garment AND yarn for other projects (such as socks, hats, etc.) we ask that you place these orders separately, so that the codes apply only to the garment-yarn. We will happily merge your orders and refund any excess shipping fees! This helps us ensure that we can continue to offer the discounts to all applicable makers.

We are offering a tiered discount system, so that a greater discount is offered for more skeins in an order:


5-6 skeins: 5% off using code ANTIFATTAX5

7-9 skeins: 10% off using code ANTIFATTAX10

10+ skeins: 15% off using code ANTIFATTAX15


Thank you for using these codes appropriately, so that we may continue to offer these discounts to plus-sized makers!